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My resume

Фото автора блога

Name: Nikita Yanchenkov.

Age: 23 years.

Location: Moscow / Russian Federation.

Specialization: Programmer С++, 3D Artist (Hard-surface), gamedev.

Programming skills:

  • C++ (11, 14, 17 standards)
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Qt Framework (Qt Creator and basic knowledge of QML)
  • STL
  • SQL / Postgresql
  • Design patterns, SOLID, KISS, YAGNI and etc
  • GIT
  • Basic knowledge of Android development
  • Experience in non-commercial game development
  • Software lifecycle
  • TCP/IP
  • Shell scripts
  • UML

3D graphics skills:

  • Hard-surface lowpoly modeling props, weapons.
  • Understanding standard game pipelines: High and lowpoly modeling, sculpting, baking and texturing.
  • Knowledge of general artistic techniques: color, forms, composition, light and shadow.
  • Rendering and postprocessing.
  • The minimum required knowledge in popular game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine).
  • Knowledge in the field of the gaming industry, modern trends and development vectors.

P.S. In the section Tooling you can see the knowledge in software.


  • Bachelor - MSTU “STANKIN” with a degree in “Computer Science and Computer Engineering” [2016 - 2020].
  • Master - MSTU “STANKIN” with a degree in “Computer Science and Computer Engineering” [2020 - 2022].

Foreign languages:

  • English - Intermediate.

If you want to contact me go to the section Connect with me